Instructions for Quick Release to You

Welcome! Please Read Below.

  • This site is for patients only.
  • Processing fee: $20 plus $8 for each CD copy of imaging (X-rays/MRIs). THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.
  • ALL available medical records are provided.
  • Records (excluding X-Ray and MRI imaging) are made available securely online only. We do not fax or mail records.
  • You will be texted when written records are ready to access online. You will receive no text alerts regarding Imaging CDs.
  • Imaging (X-Rays, MRIs) CDs may be picked up on the 3rd floor of Alabama Orthopaedic Clinic or mailed to you. Mail delivery can add up to 14 days.

What You Need to Get Started

  1. A valid driver's license or other valid state-issued ID. NOTE: If you are the parent / guardian of a child 18 years old or older, please include your driver's license/ID and the child's driver's license/ID; alternatively, the child may place his or her own request online.
  2. A credit card to make payment.

Please have these items handy before you start!