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Through our online patient portal, you can request your medical records, track a request, or download records.

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NOTICE: This site is for Patient or Patient Directed Use Only. Fees for processing medical records requests are non-refundable.

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Your request is processed within 5-7 business days, and your records will be available for download once complete.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can it take to process my request?

5-7 business days

Can I order my records with my phone/tablet?


Will I be told when my request is ready?

Yes, immediately, by text message (see sample texts below) or email

Can I access my own records?


Can I print, email, save, and/or fax my records?

Yes, and you can share them with any 3rd party when and how you want

How are my records made available?

Online only.

Can I view my records on my phone?


Sample Texts

You will receive text messages similar to these samples:

When your request is accepted:

Your Medical Records request is in process. When complete, you will get Acct # and PIN # for online access.

(NSSC Spine Clinic)

When your request is ready:

Your Medical Records are ready! Go to

Account #: xxxxxx PIN #: xxxx

(NSSC Spine Clinic)