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Through our online patient portal, VitalChart Virtual ROI, patients can request medical records for themselves or send them to a third-party.

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NOTICE: This site is for Patient or Patient Directed Use Only. Fees for processing medical records requests are non-refundable.

Option 1Quick Release to You

Your request is processed within 48 hours*, and your records will be available for download.


Option 2Release to Third-Party

Your request is processed within 5 business days*, and your records are delivered to a third-party.


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Option 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Option 2

How long can it take to process the request?

48 hours**

5 business days**

Can I order records with the phone/tablet?



Will I be told when the request is ready?

Yes, immediately, by text message (see sample texts below) or email

No, only the third-party is notified.

Can I print, email, save, and/or fax the records?

Yes. The most expedient method is electronic delivery.

Yes. The most expedient method is electronic delivery.

How can I access the imaging study?

Palomar Health can provide imaging study electronically through 3rd party application. Please inquire.

Palomar Health can provide imaging study via CD/DVD for a flat rate fee. Please inquire.

Can I view the records on a phone/tablet?



Important - Please Read!

* For Option 2, the designated third-party must retrieve your written records online once your order is complete. If you are uncertain that the third-party will do so, use Option 1 instead. We are not responsible for the third-party's willingness or ability to access your records online.

** The timeframe specified above for written records excludes weekends and holidays.

*** For Option 2, you are solely responsible for the following: (a) providing us the correct contact information for the designated third-party; (b) making the designated third-party aware that a notice will be faxed to them when the written records are ready; and (c) following up, if needed, with the third-party to determine if they have received a faxed notice and/or have accessed your records.

Sample Texts

You will receive text messages similar to these samples:

When your request is accepted:

Your Medical Records request is in process. When complete, you will get Acct # and PIN # for online access.

(Palomar Health Medical Records)

When your request is ready:

Your Medical Records are ready!

Go to

Account #: xxxxxx PIN #: xxxx

(Palomar Health Medical Records)